EXPLORE our contemporary take on CULINARY ENHANCEMENTS, crafted with NATURAL ingredients, infused with TIME and attention to PERFECTION.


Our Whiskey Barrel Aged Maple Syrup is crafted with a great respect for slow living.  Nature provides the dark Maple sap under specific conditions.  Once reduced to syrup it is stored in recently emptied Whiskey barrels where the minute characteristics of spirits, oak and char blend and infuse for 4 to 6 months before hand bottling.

This intense flavour starts as a precious simple sweetener to a marinade drizzle and finally to magnificent cocktail partnering.

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Our Balsamic, Elderberry and Fig drizzle has been aged in our completed Whiskey Maple barrels, continuing our philosophy of circularity and sustainability.  When matured, the drizzle is filtered and reduced by over 50% to result in a robust culinary finish to be enjoyed on salads, charcuterie boards, for bread dipping and as always, as a cocktail mixer. 

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Elixirs were known as sweet medicinal liquids capable of prolonging life and healing ailments. It may have contained alcohol but we believe you can add them to whatever you like! At Wellington Made we hand pick, press and process our ingredients to perfection. Enjoy as an enhancement, sweetener or mixer.

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